Raj Happy to donate sperm

Hello i am 25 yrs old male looking to donate sperm. Cute face and fit body. No illness of any kind,very active like stallion. Feel free to contact me😊



Jess please help

How do you contact someone on here. Can someone please help 🙂

Thank you in advance.



Tahlia Sperm donor wanted Melbourne

I’m looking to start a family after being with my partner who I’ve been with for over 7 years, we are looking for someone in Melbourne
A std test is required we are happy to pay for the test to be done. We want someone who doesn’t want contact with the child. Looking for someone who is healthy and fit. Someone with good family health
Look forward to hearing from you


Tristan Sperm doner wanted

My partner and I would lik a sperm doner. I am a transgender male and have been transitioning for The past 4 years. I would love nothing more than to be a father and to start my own family. Ai only, happy to pay for any travel exspenses. We would love a doner with dark features (brown eyes). Thank you 🙂



Bernadette Lesbian couple looking to start a family

My partner and I are looking to start a family but we are missing one vital component and we were wondering if there is anyone out there willing to help us out???



Jay Ai/Ni up to you to decide !! I am from melb

std free have 3 boys of my own able to help local ladies for donor to have children . im 40 fit healthy sporty not too bad loking if thats a requirement , euro background in the east side of melbourne..
daytime is easier and some nights will depends on what you need



Serena Hoping to find sperm donor


I live in Perth.
My partner and I would love to start a family.
A little bit about me..I’m in a very stable relationship. I’m 24 years old. My heritage is French/Australian. I love animals and work as a vet nurse. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested 🙂



Terri Sperm Donor wanted for single. Wanting mixed race

Hi I am a single 45 year old Australian wanting another baby. I have a 4 year old mixed race daughter. Her father was a Caribbean Londoner. He passed 2013 and I have been single since. I would love another baby of mixed race so they are alike. It took us a while to get pregnant with her so I’m wanting to either try home insemination or will do IVF. I am in Perth.
Thank you



Peter sperm donor free

My name is Peter, from EU-Slovenia,late middle age, mentaly and physicly health,173 high,85kg,pleasant and educate.
I’m a sperm donor in a clinic of familly planning and. I’m under sperm lab control every 3 month to keep my very healthy and good of quality sperm.
So if you are interested , i offer on NI or on Tukry way without penetration in my home only for Free without any obligation!



David Sperm Donor Southern Suburbs Adelaide

 Hi I am an older male 51. Intelligent. Born with blonde hair that went dark Hazel eyes 5’7′
 Happy with either AI or NI. Comfortable with no contact after conception but also with minimal contact/recognition after birth.
 STD, Drug/Alcohol and Tobacco free


Will Donor Victoria, AI only

Married, clean, healthy, disease free male. Same partner for 15+ years now, with three healthy children of our own. Also assisted three women anonymously in the last three years through an IVF clinic (resulting in two baby girls and a baby boy. All healthy).

About me – Caucasian, blue eyes, brown hair, 186cm tall, early 40s and reasonably fit for my age.

You – Caucasian, blue eyes, seeking AI only, with no contact after successful birth other than supplying me the first name of the child, and month and year of birth (just to satisfy my curiosity).

Not seeking sex, not looking for a relationship (I’m married remember!)



Allan can help

Hey guys. I am a healthy 39 year old who is willing to help out anybody in need of a sperm donor. I am a clean and healthy man who is 39. Have my own family but if you don’t and want one I can help. I have good sperm and am willing to travel.



J Donor Brisbane 45

Hi, healthy 45 yo 185 tall blue eyes and Masters degree education. I am happy to help anyone into parenting, I am not interested in co-parenting just helping you get your family started.

Let me know if I can help.



hayden sperm donor

ha ladies im 35yr old male willing to be sperm donor was a donor at a clinic before with 3 girls alredy born if intrested please leave message thanks



simon offering help

Hi, I am a 27 year old male of French,Italian,Spanish heritage. I’m 179cm tall, tanned skin with a fit athletic build.

I arrive here in hopes of passing on a gift of mine to the right stable couple. My tested IQ is quite high which has lead myself to a fairly interesting prosperous life so far.

Whilst I am here on a whim and aknowledge that I would have no roll in raising of any such child it would be incorrect of myself to pass on such a gift to the wrong couple.

And so if you and your partner are stable in everyway then certainly please contact me and we can discuss this a bit more.

I’m not here for $ and or sex.



Ash Need Sperm Donor In Brisbane Australia

Lesbian couple living in brisbane looking for an AI only donor to help us start our family. The donor must have legit medicical screen tests for a consecutive 6 months to be safe and willing to have a chat with our doctor with us before donation. My partner is the one having the baby so her safety is my number 1 priority.



James Like to help

Am a fit and healthy 41 year old male who would like to help lesbian couples, married couples and single ladies in having a baby. I don’t smoke and really do not drink. I am in Hobart, so if you are interested come and have a chat



Jess and Emma Looking for a sperm donors to help start our Family

Hello. My Partner and I are wanting to start our own little family. We are both active and from the country. We are both financially stable.

Have been together for the past 3 years. We are located in High country in Victoria. Willing to travel and discuss this opportunity person.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Thank you. We are both excited to start our next chapter in life.


Marti Donating sperm

I’m Marti. Im 25 years old and 5 foot 11. I am of an indigenous background on my mothers side and of a Kiwi background on my fathers side.
I’m a very fit and healthy person that Plays Mens International Netball. I’m currently a fifo worker. With a stable income.
I have Brown hair and Brown eyes. With family members with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Please if you have any more questions or queries leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



Saz European or middle eastern sperm donor

Hi looking for a sperm donor. We are a lesbian couple. Ai only. European or middle eastern only thanks



Aleana In need of a donor

Hello, my name is aleana i am 21, i am healthy, and have been trying for a while with my partner
to have a baby but unfortunately he cant have them i am located in sydney/bathurst area
Id like a donor who is healthy, feritle and has brown eyes.
As id like the doner to have similia features to my partner



Tara Seeking sperm donor in Queensland

Hi I’m Tara. I live in Emerald QLD but willing to travel. I’m 28, single and have a four year old
daughter that would love a sibling. I love kids and love being a mum. I have a Masters Degree in
Natural Therapies specialising in Clinical Nutrition. Also studying to be a Counsellor. Fit and

Seeking a sperm donor. Must be disease free. Please feel free to message me for any other



aliena Looking for a donor

20 year old female, looking for a donor.
My partner and I have been trying for 8 months and no luck as my other half can’t have children.
We are both age 20 and ready to have a child.
We currently live in Ballarat, Australia.
We are after brown or blue eyes and black or blonde hair. Olive/tan skin.
If you are insteaded in helping please email me at


nikki looking for a sperm donor

Hi. My name is Nikki and i live on the central coast NSW.

I am almost 34 years old and have always wanted to be a mum but unfortunately havent met the right
man. I dont want to miss out on the special gift of being a mum so i am now looking for a sperm

If you think you would be interested in helping (AI only) and you have or willing to get a recent
std check then please leave me a message.


Simon 43M Donor Adelaide

My name is Simon I’m 43, Single and in Adelaide. I am posting this as a new sperm donor. I’m fit,fair hair, blue eyes, 171cm and 71kg.
I was recently asked by a friend if I would consider being a sperm donor for them as they cannothave another child due to a vasectomy that they have been unable to reverse.
I do not have children and have always wanted to be a father. They extended an invitation to methat I could be as involved with the child as I would like, obviously within reason and firstlybeing discussed and agreed to. We have signed agreement about how to proceed and this covers themethod of donation right through to birthdays, my role, financial considerations and who appearson the birth certificate on the place of father.
I have conducted my STI screens and all is clear, my sperm count and motility are all above thebenchmark required.
More about me, I am a Health Professional, Justice of the Peace and an animal lover. Due to thenature of my work, I maintain a clear Police Check history. My health is clear, I am not on anymedications and I have no allergies and a non-smoker.
Since beginning this donor journey I have been reading all the literature regarding diet andnutrition to make sure that my little swimmers are the healthiest possible.
I can see the joy and relief that my saying yes brought to my friends, I too am excited at theprospect of my part in bringing a life into this world. I feel compelled to help others that alsodesire a child. I am open to having a chat to see if I can help your family grow.



Natasha lesbian want try baby

I’m a lesbian and have girlfriend and want try baby i am 28 old from merredin wa and i want startnew family.



Julee Sperm Donor

I am young man, ready to donor my sperm
I wish find woman who wanna pregnant from my sperm, I am Asian and healthy
I have brown eyes, black hair, and toned skin
I am 28 years old, I am worry to late to have next generation, I wish can find woman who wanna
pregnant, whatever you are
Please contact me on
I hope see you soon
Thank you


hayden sperm donor

ha guys me single male 35yrsold been donor at pivet medical centre have 4 girls already been born
willing to be donor if anyone needs sperm am in wa thanks leave message



Julia sperm donor &/or co-parent

Hi guys,

Now is the right time for a baby. I wouldn’t want to wait too much longer. I am nearly 36, and

I have dated a few men but not one is father or husband material, and I’ve had many broken hearts.

I am wanting a sperm donor and with opportunity to co-parent if he should wish a role in the
baby’s and my life.

I am a Registered Nurse working full time and have been for ten years now enjoying my very
challenging role.

I am physically healthy and do not drink alcohol or smoke. My idea of partying is a hot chocolate
and a movie at home in my pyjamas. I have no more than two friends and I do get lonely. It is time
for a baby, and who knows where this will lead. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and study and
come from a good family. They want me to be a mum too! It’s all I can dream about at the moment!

Anyway, if you would like some more information I would love to chat some more about it.

It’s a hard feeling realising I am now advertising for a wanted sperm but if you want it enough
you will do what is needed. I hope to become pregnant in 2017, could you help me.?




Cait and Ally Looking for a donor

Hey we are a same sex couple, looking for a nice guy to help us grow our family and give our
little boy a sibling. We are both late 20’s we both have good jobs and a university degrees.
Anyone who is near Brisbane and willing to help us out please message us.


Rhiannon Lesbian couple seeking donor

My partner and i are seeking a donor AI only i am 25 my partner is 23 .. looking for someone who
doesnt want contact with the child.. someone with good medical history in their family. If you
think you could help us out please contact me ..




Simon Single Caucasian Male 37

I’m a healthy 37 year old caucasian male, never married. I’m concerned that if I don’t have
children now I never will but I’m neither financially stable nor in a committed relationship. I’m
interested in knowing the child or children and would like to play some role in their life. Please
reply if interested.



Skye Sperm donor required

Looking for a sperm donor, not to conceive naturally but just sperm in a cup.
Hoping to have someone with tan/dark skin and hair.
European background would be lovely.
Donor would have no contact with the baby if all works out, no name on birth cert



DanGill Brisbane sperm donor

Hi Everyone, Dan Gill here. I’m a blue eyed sperm donor in Brisbane.

100% success rate so far via natural insemination due to my high sperm count. A safe, free
service. Let’s chat and make it happen for you!

Message me at DanGill1 on coparentmatch.



michelle looking for a sperm doner

Hi my name is Michelle I’m 35 yrs, I live in south east Melbourne and am looking for a sperm
donor. I’m stable in life and have a wonderful 14yr old child but our family isn’t complete yet so
if there is a man out there who can help me complete my family please leave a comment or email me.
Thank you.


Paul – Perth (NOR) 26 y/o male – Sperm Donor

Hello All.

I’m Paul, 26, male, 6’7 (199cms) tall, 93kgs, fit/athletic build, working full time in Emergency
Services. No health issues, ailments or allergies, blue eyes, fair skin, light brown hair,
Australian heritage.
Very easy going, never smoked, never used illicit drugs, happy to be tested should it be required.
I am located in the Perth Metropolitan area and am willing to respectfully assist in sperm
donations. Method is open to discussion.

Kind Regards,


John sperm donor

 Eversince I wanted to have a child. I love kids and i adore them.
 I am a professional, works in health sector(id canbe provided)
30 years old male
Consistent Honor student
5”9, 75 kg, medium fit built, brown skin,
Healthy and std free
Emotionally stable
 Filipino/spanish background
 Would really love to help and donate sperm for the right woman. Im willing also to co parent the child . Prefer self insemination no body contact.
 Email me if interested


Ariana Seeking a Sperm Donor in Hervey Bay

Hi I’m looking for a healthy sorry donor. I have no race preference but really would like to have children with dark skin. I live in Hervey Bay and can’t travel or host.


Chan Looking to co-parent

Hi, I am a well educated professional who is looking to co-parent with the right person. I am 32 years old, well educated, speak two languages with Sri lankan background. I am financially stable. I am more than happy to chat and I will reply to all your messages. Thank you




Ash Donor for a fee

Hello Future parents …

I am Ashley  i am 32 years old male fit healthy with no family inherited diseases and my sperm
is highly fertile. I have not offered this service before so I don’t have any donor success examples but I do however have a baby girl on the way due the 5/05/16 and all is looking positive and healthy.
So a little about myself, I’m a practical person with a huge love of the outdoors and the simple things in life. I have a trade as a builder/ carpenter and am currently employed as a marine park ranger training to be a sea faring skipper. I am funny and intelligent and always see the light in every situation.
I am tall 6’4 blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a strong athletic build keep myself fit and healthy. I am a not smoke and only drink occasionally. My grandparents are Maltese and German but I have inherited the stronger German genes.
If you would like to see some photos just message me . I live in Yeppoon QLD 4703
I will be asking for a fee of $150 per donation. I hope I can be of help to you guys on your journey to becoming loving parents and enjoying the gift of life with your special partner.




Kelly Gold Coast AI only

HI there,

After 10 IVF with the ex i am now single and looking to have a child on my own.

39 years of age. I have good family support and am more than ready to have a child

I am strictly looking for AI only. No ongoing contact.



Callan sperm donor Newcastle

Hey there,

My name is Callan and I’m a 25 year old male, blonde hair, average height and overly fit who is
considering being a donor for someone as I believe everybody deserves happiness including a family
of their own.

A few years back I had a massive car accident in which I was pretty messed up but the doctors seem
to think I may have a thing called a”survival gene” which I think would be a pretty awesome thing
to pass on and personally don’t think I’ll ever be ready for kids of my own but will happily try
to help.

Please feel free to contact me



Kevin Natural Insemination Adelaide

Hey everyone I’m Kevin 25 years old and studying at University, am willing to donate through
natural insemination, i currently have a beautiful daughter so am more than capable of having
children, willing to travel depending on location, if you’d like to get in touch just leave a



Grace Need a Donor

23 year old caucasian female looking for donor.
I am a 23 year old single female, I live in my own home and have been wanting a child since the
age of 18, now i am stable it seems a good a time as any.
I am open to co-parenting as long as the father had the same views as I do (will discuss further
if contacted.)
i have dark brown hair, light skin, attractive, average/slightly bigger than average build.



Bec Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor

We are a happy loving lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor. We are looking at having more then
one child.

Located Brisbane

If anyone could help please contact me



Cait+Ally Looking for sperm donor on gold coast

Hello, our names are Cait and Ally we are a same sex couple from the Gold Coast, who have been
together 4 years. We are seeking a nice guy who would be willing to donate with no responsibility
legally or financially to the child.
We both have good steady jobs and own our own 4 bedroom home on the Gold Coast. We have one child
from a previous relationship who lives with is 100% of the time. We would love to give him a
sibling and grow our little family.
Anyone willing to help us out please message us 🙂


jay (male) AI ?Ni sperm donor east of melb

std free male here european back ground no health issues able to donate to women wanting children
or in need of a good donor


Cait+Ally Sperm donor gold coast

Hey we are a same sex couple from the Gold Coast looking for someone who would be willing to donate via AI to help us grow our little family. We have one child and would love to give him a sibling. We both work and own our own home.



Sarah Single female looking for donor

26 year old successful female looking for Caucasian male to donate. Email me.


Christie Lesbian couple looking for a donor in Melbourne

Hi, I’m looking for a donor in either Melbourne or south east Melbourne. I’m in a lesbian relationship and have 1 child together.
 I had a donor but seems to have gone missing and we also failed on 3 attempts.
 Urgently needing a donor! Please help a families dreams come a reality

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