Ariana Seeking a Sperm Donor in Hervey Bay

Hi I’m looking for a healthy sorry donor. I have no race preference but really would like to have children with dark skin. I live in Hervey Bay and can’t travel or host.


Chan Looking to co-parent

Hi, I am a well educated professional who is looking to co-parent with the right person. I am 32 years old, well educated, speak two languages with Sri lankan background. I am financially stable. I am more than happy to chat and I will reply to all your messages. Thank you




Ash Donor for a fee

Hello Future parents …

I am Ashley  i am 32 years old male fit healthy with no family inherited diseases and my sperm
is highly fertile. I have not offered this service before so I don’t have any donor success examples but I do however have a baby girl on the way due the 5/05/16 and all is looking positive and healthy.
So a little about myself, I’m a practical person with a huge love of the outdoors and the simple things in life. I have a trade as a builder/ carpenter and am currently employed as a marine park ranger training to be a sea faring skipper. I am funny and intelligent and always see the light in every situation.
I am tall 6’4 blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a strong athletic build keep myself fit and healthy. I am a not smoke and only drink occasionally. My grandparents are Maltese and German but I have inherited the stronger German genes.
If you would like to see some photos just message me . I live in Yeppoon QLD 4703
I will be asking for a fee of $150 per donation. I hope I can be of help to you guys on your journey to becoming loving parents and enjoying the gift of life with your special partner.




Kelly Gold Coast AI only

HI there,

After 10 IVF with the ex i am now single and looking to have a child on my own.

39 years of age. I have good family support and am more than ready to have a child

I am strictly looking for AI only. No ongoing contact.



Callan sperm donor Newcastle

Hey there,

My name is Callan and I’m a 25 year old male, blonde hair, average height and overly fit who is
considering being a donor for someone as I believe everybody deserves happiness including a family
of their own.

A few years back I had a massive car accident in which I was pretty messed up but the doctors seem
to think I may have a thing called a”survival gene” which I think would be a pretty awesome thing
to pass on and personally don’t think I’ll ever be ready for kids of my own but will happily try
to help.

Please feel free to contact me



Kevin Natural Insemination Adelaide

Hey everyone I’m Kevin 25 years old and studying at University, am willing to donate through
natural insemination, i currently have a beautiful daughter so am more than capable of having
children, willing to travel depending on location, if you’d like to get in touch just leave a



Grace Need a Donor

23 year old caucasian female looking for donor.
I am a 23 year old single female, I live in my own home and have been wanting a child since the
age of 18, now i am stable it seems a good a time as any.
I am open to co-parenting as long as the father had the same views as I do (will discuss further
if contacted.)
i have dark brown hair, light skin, attractive, average/slightly bigger than average build.



Bec Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor

We are a happy loving lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor. We are looking at having more then
one child.

Located Brisbane

If anyone could help please contact me



Cait+Ally Looking for sperm donor on gold coast

Hello, our names are Cait and Ally we are a same sex couple from the Gold Coast, who have been
together 4 years. We are seeking a nice guy who would be willing to donate with no responsibility
legally or financially to the child.
We both have good steady jobs and own our own 4 bedroom home on the Gold Coast. We have one child
from a previous relationship who lives with is 100% of the time. We would love to give him a
sibling and grow our little family.
Anyone willing to help us out please message us 🙂


jay (male) AI ?Ni sperm donor east of melb

std free male here european back ground no health issues able to donate to women wanting children
or in need of a good donor


Cait+Ally Sperm donor gold coast

Hey we are a same sex couple from the Gold Coast looking for someone who would be willing to donate via AI to help us grow our little family. We have one child and would love to give him a sibling. We both work and own our own home.



Sarah Single female looking for donor

26 year old successful female looking for Caucasian male to donate. Email me.


Christie Lesbian couple looking for a donor in Melbourne

Hi, I’m looking for a donor in either Melbourne or south east Melbourne. I’m in a lesbian relationship and have 1 child together.
 I had a donor but seems to have gone missing and we also failed on 3 attempts.
 Urgently needing a donor! Please help a families dreams come a reality


Amen Indian origin sperm donor

Hi, 28 year old healthy Indian Male, living in Perth. Non-smoker, non-drinkers sperm donor . Recently became proud father of a healthy baby boy,Interested in sperm donation, would prefer helping through natural way of conceiving .
About myself, Indian origin, Graduate from Australian University, athlete body , exercise daily. Never had any bad medical history . I just want to help people wanting to have kids. If interested , reach me at iloveaustralia at outlook dot com.
Located in Perth , south of the river . Piara waters area



Tanieka Enquiry

Hello I am 21 years old female and me and my girlfriend of 6 years are looking into starting a family but need some help on where to start and the steps on everything pleAse we are from Perth WA



Jessie-lee Wanting to find the right donor

Hi there, my name is Jessie-lee and my girlfriend and I are wanting to have a baby. We are 24 and 27 and live in central qld but we don’t mind travelling if we need to. We are wanting someone respectable, clean and well presented. Must have good health and be STD free (obviously). If you are a donor and are willing to help this would be amazing



Rachelle Single Mother Sperm Donor AI Only

I am a single female with one child. I have am well educated with three university degrees. I am
fit and healthy with a BMI in the normal range. I am emotionally stable, have a good sense of
humour and love children. My son is the light of my life and being a mother is the most important
role in my life. I am looking for a sperm donor to provide a sibling for my son. I live in
Melbourne and the donor would need to go through the AI process at an IVF clinic.


kyle small fee donation

Parents to be…
I am kyle i am 25 years old male fit healthy with miniumum to no family inherited deseases sperm
is highly fertile i have had 3 successful donations an one on the way with my partner i do a small
fee for taking time off work etc roughly $175 a little about myself well i am pretty intelligent
Im a musican play guitar an sing i am very humorous an have a lot of charisma an quirkiness i
enjoy the most life throws at me good or bad but always see the positive side of things all
donations came out with positive births no defects mental or physical willing to help out for
little cost can send pics of previous donations an of myself i only do IV no physical contact
nessisary a little about my back ground well i am Australian born parents are german half +
irish quarter so i am half Australian quater german an 8th irish
All beautiful nationalities
About donations:
A 7 yo girl (2009) birth blonde hair long green/brown eyes tall for her age very adventurous no
health problems or mental disorders

A 3 yo boy (2013) birth light brown hair no health problems cheeky little one adventurous fun
loving little boy no defects or mental disorders

A 2 yo boy born (2014) very active little tike very energetic smart an very happy an bubbly
personality no birth defects or mental disorders

An one of my own on the way 10th of oct due so far 10 fingers 10 toes active little fetus with
normal heart rate

At the moment im in canberra an willing to help anyone who can’t recive my donation is much
cheaper then hospitals i only charge $175 an its all iv no contact i am happy to keep contact or
not its up to you either way im just happy to help thank you everyone an good luck on your journey
becoming parent’s
Thank you kyle
You can also text for some information on


misty couple looking for a sperm donor in Melbourne!

From: misty <>
Subject: couple looking for a sperm donor in Melbourne!

Message Body:
Hi there!

We are a happy, stable couple, we have been together for 5 years!

My partner was married previously and after 2 children he had a vasectomy over 10 years ago as he
obviously didnt think his marriage would end at the time! However his life changed and we met and
fell in love (after his marriage ended of course!)

Ive got 2 children, I’m 35 years old i had my boys young, so my eldest boy recently turned 18 and
my other baby is 10! Being a mum is what I was born to be! I always wanted more children however
my first marriage ended 10 years ago,

I didnt think I’d have any more lids as my partner was up front about having had a vasectomy so I
was happy knowing i had 2 kids and I loved my partner for him not whether he could give me

Last year I went through a traumatic experience, I was raped by a client & from that found out I
was pregnant, although it was a shocking experience i accepted the fact i was pregnant and after
my partner told me he would stand by me and raise bubs as his own i decided to go through with the
pregnancy, I grew so thrilled at becoming a mum again, but tragedy struck and at12 weeks i lost
the baby, naturally we were devistated,

That was just before christmas, ive given my body time to heal however, I can’t get the feeling
off my mind, I want to have another baby, Again my partner is supporting me so when I came across
this site i just had to place an add and see what response I have.

We would like our donor to be healthy, tall, intelligent, with a stable mind! By that iean I dont
want any sicko twisted guys messaging!!

The donor will also donate knowing we (my partner and i) will be raising the baby together as our
own, we won’t be needing anything from you such as financial assistance! Just your sperm!

I live in the collingwood area aand will self inseminate myself, (my cousin did this and had great

My partner has 2 adult kids and ive watched him be a father over the last 5 years and he makes me
melt! He is a great dad so I’m so excited about raising a child with him!

So if you fit what we are looking for and happy to help you will be making a dream come true! As
I’m 35 time is ticking for me body clock wise!

If your interested in helping please send me a message with a clear photo and your description of
yourself physically and so on,

We appreciate all replies and I’ll message each message back.

Thank you!



Elle Seeking sperm

Hi there
I’m feeling awkward about placing an add this way but I’m wanting a child & can’t afford ivf. I
live in the Shepparton area. I’m single. I’m looking for a sperm donor who is not wanting to be
involved in any way. Please contact me if interested. Thanks


Rachel Wanting sperm donor please

Hello I am 35 now , really wanting a child or two .i was born to be a mummy but unfortunately I
have not been blessed with children as yet ,



Rachel Looking for a donor

I am 35 been married for nearly 5 years and have not been laden blessed with a child .

Hoping someone can help us to conceive our first child ,



Laura 33yo single hetero female looking for healthy donor

Hi, I’m a single 33 year old female looking for a healthy sperm donor. I’m educated and happy in
my career. I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and would love for her to have siblings. I live
in Wollongong, NSW, but can travel a little way for the right donor. Looking to start right away.



Erin Sperm donor needed

Hi single mum of 1. Financially secure.My last donor has pulled out 5 days before AI was to start.
I have been planning for a long time to get timing right! I’m in the western suburbs of Melbourne
please contact me at  .sorry I write it that way as sometimes email
address are not accepted. I would really appreciate your help especially if you can help this
cycle(not necessary just preferable)I hope to hear from any healthy Caucasians healthy sperm and
no genetic issues. AI only unless you have a STD free medical certificate and a few other factors
which we can discuss via email.
Thanks in advance


krystle looking for sperm donor

hi i am 28 years old ., i am hard working but would like to take a break from work to settle down
and start my own family., due to un for seen circumstances my partner and i cannot concive
together due to medical related issues and would like to go about it in a different manner any
help would be apreciated we are not worried about looks we are just gratefull that there maybe
someone out there that cares enough to help and give us a once in a life time opportunity ..
thank you


shenoa and genie Shenoa Mamo

Myself and my beautiful wife are ready to start our little family. We are ready emotionally,
financially, and physically. We have been searching for some time now but have not yet had any
luck with finding a donor. If you are genuine and would be happy to help please contact us. we are
in Melbourne but would be happy to travel. Thank you



Johnny Looking to donate and be known to child

I’m a 38 year old man, living in Sydney.
I’m originally from Scotland and am now an Australian citizen – lived here for 8 years.
I’m a Social Worker/physiotherapy within the field of mental health and am gay/currently single.
I would like to be able to donate sperm to start the life of a child for a couple or single woman.
I’d like to also be part of the child’s life in some capacity; by being known to the child as
their biological father. I’m happy not to be a primary carer, but be able to provide guidance and
support to the child and have a relationship with them.
I’m a sensitive individual who people describe as a warm soul. I’m fit and healthy with a good
sperm count.
I have a lot of lesbian friends in my life and would be happy to be part of a rainbow family or
support a straight woman trying,
Good luck to all of you out there reading and trying 🙂



Sam Sperm Donor

Hi, am a black male and well educated. I am willing to donate sperm to the right person. Contact
me if you’re interested


Francine Looking for sperm Donor


I am looking for a tall, educated and fit sperm donor.

Check out my profile at coparentmatch; username Francine4



Petra same sex couple looking for donor

hello, my partner and I are looking for a sperm donor.Male donors between the ages of 27 and 40
years old. Thank you 🙂


sara couple looking for donor ai only

Hey my partner and I are looking For a donor to help us complete our family

Between us we already have 3 children already

Please contact me



Lauren Looking for donor

Brisbane southside, educated, well established, single by choice family. We looking for a donor to help us bring a much wanted and adored younger sibling into our home. AI only, donor only, no co-




Nic Searching for a donor (northern nsw)

Hi we are a lesbian couple that has been searching for a donor for around 9 years now. We are in northern nsw and as we have children would need the donor to travel.
We have just had bad luck in the way of both parties not agreeing or donors wanting physical contact.
We have been in a relationship for 14 years and have two children. We are wanting for myself to have a child. If you would like more info please feel free to contact us.


Hannah 22 Yr old Lesbian Couple seeking sperm donation

My name is Hannah and I am 22 and in a committed lesbian relationship.
I Have tattoos and a couple piercings and very outgoing!

For a couple years now, my girlfriend and I have been trying to start a family but with no luck 🙁

We desperately seek a sperm donar from someone that is std free and also be willing to sign something giving up parental rights
We don’t want to be let down or stuffed around please so only committed sperm donars and it will be sperm donations only so please if you are only interested in one thing, we are not interested.

Thank you and look forward to a message back 💕


Rosie Perth same sex couple

hi, we would like to have our first child. We are looking for an medium to dark skinned donor, preferably Eurasian, Pacific Islander, African American etc.
Would love to have a chat, no matter who you are, the above are just background preferences. mrsrosiebojangles at gmail dot com



Angela Looking for donor

I’m a loving mum of one who’d love a sibling for my son. I’m fit and healthy, educated and work in a professional role. I’m easy going and fun loving and absolutely love being a mum. I’m athletic, 5″8 with blonde hair and hazel eyes and looking for a donor with similar characteristics, would love to chat if you think you could help, thanks



candyncait looking for sperm donor

Hey were looking for a sperm donor in the goldfields (kalgoorlie and surrounding areas) we have 3 beautiful kids together and are wanting to bring another into our family if you can help please give us a msg 🙂 thanks candy & cait



Jay 32yr old in SE melb

Im a 32 yr old white male, recently out of a long term relationship.
Very high fertility and willing to help the right person/people.
Shoot me a message to chat. NI only at this stage.



Alannah Donor needed to start a family

I am a 19 year old single woman who has a dream to be a mother. Due to sexuality, I am unable to conceive naturally and would like the opportunity to speak to willing donors. Ideally, if successful, I would like you to have no contact with the child however be open to donations later in life.



Shane Co parent

38 yr old Brisbane professional gay male looking to coparent with a female. Shared arrangements.



Steven Healthy Asian male living in Sydney

Hi, I am 32yo Asian man live in Sydney. I am married and have 2 kids, 5 yo boy and 2 yo girl, kids are very smart and very very cute, why not I could help others to have the beautiful babies. contact me and I will show your my family.


Charmaine Wanting to be a Mummy Sperm needed

Hi my name is Charmaine and im 35yrs old. I would love to be a mum!! Please if u are interested in getting to lnow more and maybe even becoming my sperm donor then contact me. 😉


Jaime Sperm donor wanted Sunshine Coast!!

Hey! Me and my girlfriend are seeking a donor! We have had some ups and downs with donors and are hoping we can find someone that is genuine, healthy and reliable! We would be so grateful for the help! Please contact me if interested! We are on the Sunshine Coast!



Daniel 30yo fit white male

I am 6ft 3 tall and well educated. I live in North Queensland although I travel regularly for work. Please let me know if you need help falling pregnant. I am respectful and clean. You can snapchat me  if you want to talk



Liz Need Melbourne sperm donor please

Hello, I’m a healthy, grounded spiritual professional in Melbourne, I’m 40 and seeking a healthy
donor for artificial insemination. Strictly no sex. I’d appreciate a genuine donor who would be
open to contact later in life. Cheers.



Andrew 28m 6’4 australian guy

Willing to donate to the right person to start a family of their own. Discreet healthy drug
disease free brown hair and eyes olive complexion.


Anthony Sydney Donor

Hi,Im a 27 perfectly healthy asian male and would love to help.I am good looking and have an
athletic body and a master’s degree.If you would like to know more please send me an email.


Vanessa AI sperm donor Newcastle

hi, I”m looking for a sperm donor for AI in the Newcastle area thanks.No co parenting.


Dorothy and Michelle

My loving partner and I are wanting to make our dream of starting our own family come true. We are kind, caring and compassionate and would love to hear from interested sperm donors with similar qualities. AI only. Thanks




My partner and I (25 and 20) have been together for awhile and Yes while being young myself might put some people off with donation I assure you having a baby with my soul mate / best friend and lover is the only thing on this planet I want! We both have jobs, don’t do drugs or drink or smoke. We have so much support from friends and family and will be loved so much.
We aren’t in a rush but I would love to start now.
We are happy with any religion any colour we don’t discriminate.
Please message us 🙂


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