George Island flavor – S/E Melbourne

Originally from NZ … of Samoan/Kiwi decent , 6’1 & clean .
After hearing on a talk back show , the amount of Heterosexual & Lesbian women wanting to have children/start a family really pulled at my heart strings , and opened my eyes to a world where every human deserves to be a parent .
Email me or drop a comment to see if i can help you in any way.
Good luck on taking that next step !!

Becka Looking for anonymous sperm Donor

Hi im 23 years old single woman wanting to have a baby. im Looking for a anonymous sperm donor.
Im not to sure how this all works but im looking at doing AI.
im located in perth. please contact me if you are able to help me.

also if you have used a sperm donor off here and gone through AI in perth can you contact me and tell me the steps i need to take.

Analeigh Looking for donor. In country victoria. Bendigo area

My partner and I have been searching for a donor to help grow our family we have a 5yro son that really wants a baby sibling. We are lesbians. We are looking for a no contact donor. But are willing to descus this.
We are willing to descuss the method
Please help us make our family bigger.
Thank you
Ana $ Jaki.

Seth Melbournian Donor

Hi, my name is Sethrith.
I’m based in Southeast of Melbourne, and I’m willing to donate my sperm for free of charge and willing to donate to anyone in the world if they can come to Melbourne.
I’m 27, no smoke, no alcohol. I recently graduated Master Degree from Monash. I have a good sperm count and mobility. Contact me if you want to know more.
Email can’t be published on here, so please find me in FB as you know my full name.

* AI is my preferable method, but NI is based on discussion.

Thank you and Good luck!

Elandri Lesbian Couple 23 and 27 Looking for Sperm Donor

Hi there,
We are a down to earth lesbian couple aged 23 and 27. We have a 3 year old son from one our previous relationships and we would love to give our son a brother or sister and grow our little family. We are very outgoing and love spending time as a family. We have our own house with 4 bedrooms and plenty of space in our hearts for a new addition. If you would like to help us please reach out. Thank you so so much.

Emma Looking for a donor Sydney

I am a single young woman from Sydney looking for an open minded and non judgmental man to donate for me to help start a family. I work in childcare and have been quite keen to have a child for a number of years now. I feel my main purpose in life is to become a mother and nobody understands how important this is for me…I don’t mind how much involvement the donor has with the child and I would prefer AI.
Thank you

Jill Sperm donor needed, before it’s too late. Widebay area

Hi I’m jill. I am looking to start a family with my girlfriend, she can’t have children and I am running out of years to try. We would really love to be given an opportunity to be called mum. Artificial insemination only, and no contact with the child, until adult age if the donor and child shall wish. I have brown hair, brown eyes and olive complexion. If you would like to help please contact me.

Kelsey Lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in brisbane

hi my name is kelsey

my partner and i are looking for an sperm donor in the brisbane area to start off our little family.
someone who is willing to meet the child when he/she will like to know their biological father.
happy to meet over lunch to discuss details.

please email me

thank you 🙂

Jennifer Looking for a sperm donor Melbourne

Im a single mother of 2 amazing boys age 9 and 10.
Ive always wanted more children just havent found Mr Right and my focus has been my boys giving them the best i can offer.
I am a singer and my own business as a singing and piano teacher.
I’ve just turned 39 and had a harsh awakening that my time for more children has a close expiry date.
I am looking for someone that is willing to help me have another child and give my boys a younger sibling. Im not looking to co parent but am happy for a small amount of contact.

Elesha Townsville lesbian couple looking for sperm donor

Early 20’s lesbian couple looking for a potential sperm donor in townsville. Preferably someone who has a musical or artistic background. Must be willing to get STI & health checks. Also, would be willing to be contacted in the future if the child chooses so. Feel more then free to ask any questions. 😊

Mally Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor adelaide

Hi to all the guys out there

My wife and myself are wanting to take the next step (been together 8years) and start our own family. We are needing a sperm donor in adelaide who is able to be called upon when we need, we will talk more details just get in touch

Debbie Couple looking for Greek donor in Perth

My partner and I (26&30) have been together for 6 years and would love to start a family.
We are looking for a Greek ( background) donor with no Conact after, preferably looking at one pregnancy each to start and complete our family.
We are located in Perth but if suitable donor is anywhere in Australia, we can talk about flights etc.
We are also registered at user name: Debbie74
Looking forward to starting out family.

Melissa Lesbian couple in Melbourne seeking donor

Hi there potential donor gentlemen,
we’re a couple of ladies with a 4 year old daughter, looking to provide her with a sibling in the near future.
We aren’t looking for a 3rd parent or any contact, and would want to put agreements in place for both yours, ours and any future child’s protection.
We would love someone of European background, and would request a basic screening to ensure there are no STI’s or genetic diseases.
We understand that nowadays diseases like alzheimers, parkinsons and illnesses like cancer or heart disease are prevalent, and these would not be a deal breaker, we would just like to know about them in advance so we know what we are ‘buying into’, so to speak. (I get a little nervous when someone advertises that nobody in their family has any kind of disease or illness… makes me terrified of the unknown)
We’re not fussed about things like your education or how sporty you are, just that you are a good human being, with a good head on your shoulders, a kind heart and in good health.
We’d be looking at home insemination or AI.
looking forward to hearing from ‘Mr Right’.

Wanting Sperm Donor – Adelaide

We are looking to start a family in the not so distant future. We are in the process of building our family home and then we will be ready to start the process. We are in our mid-late twenties, both wanting to accomplish the dream of raising a loving family. Looking for a donor who is happy to have no contact with the child through childhood. If you think you may be able to help us create our family, we would love to hear from you.

Matt Sperm donor melbourne

I am a 31 year old father of 2.I have recently spoken with friends about the amount of people going through a very expensive and emotional journey through IVF…..I would love to help cut out the middle man, save you stress and money and hopefully fulfil your dreams.

I am Caucasian, Australian with Scottish ancestry. 5’10 (177cm) blue eyes. Light brown hair, athletic build. University educated and trade qualified. I’ve also been in the military and currently work in construction management. I’ve played sport at an international level and am very social.

I have no medical conditions, allergies or stds. Both my parents are in their 60s with no health issues.

I would not be seeking a co-parent relationship, contact or involvement with the child’s life however would love updates, photos etc. A donor agreement/contract would be in place as per the Australian guidelines relating to donation.
If I can help in anyway, please contact and we can go from there.

Cameron – Newcastle and mid north coast donor

Hey everyone,
I am a 29yo dirty blonde straight man, with brown to hazel eyes, full head of hair and good teeth! 6 foot tall with a large build, of mixed European heritage.

I am a tradesman (motor mechanic) and constantly in training in going with the technical nature of my career, and in my spare time I’m a volunteer firefighter and work on my property, training at the gym, as well as trail riding and other activities. I have my hsc and numerous technical and trade certificates.

I’m located north of Newcastle and work around the mid north coast so can help anywhere around.

I would not like to maintain contact with your child but am open to them making contact after 18yo as per the norm.

I have had an accidental pregnancy not long ago so am fully functional and as far as insemination methods thats entirely up to you.

So feel free to message me for a chat if you would like to know any more.

Nguyen Sperm donor

Hi all!
I am happy to donate my sperm. Send me an email if you think I fit to your criteria.

I’m 28, 1.75m tall, 69 kg, Asian, black/brown eyes, black hair. I’m well educated with Bachelor Degree from Monash Uni. I’m very honest 🙂

I’m flexible with method of conception. If you want other methods, feel free to tell me.

I’m happy to donate my sperm, but I don’t expect to co-parent at this stage

Whether you want to reveal my identity to the offspring or not, it is all up to you, I don’t mind as long as I don’t hold responsibility for them.

Im happy to do health check and other tests if you want me to do so.

If you want your child to be mixed with Asian, then I am more than happy to help you

Seth Melbournian Donor in Southeast Suburb

Hi all!
I am happy to donate my sperm. Send me an email if you think I fit to your criteria.

I’m 27, 1.67m tall, 59kg, Asian descent, black eyes and hair. I’m well educated with Master Degree from Monash Uni. I’m honest, outgoing and generous.

I’m flexible with method of conception, but I would prefer AI. If you want other methods, we can discuss later.

I’m happy to donate my sperm, but I don’t expect to co-parent at this stage.
Whether you want to reveal my identity to the offspring or not, it is all up to you, I don’t mind as long as I don’t hold responsibility for them.

If you want your child to be mixed with Asian, then I may tick your box.

Thank you.

Lisa My donor quest WA

Single, 42 years of age. I’ve had 3 failed IVF attempts. My gut keeps telling me to try the old fashioned way (well, with a cup and turkey baster!) so I am looking for a donor, not fussed on looks really, just HAVE to be healthy and no genetic health issues. Probably no contact. I’m located in WA, but would look at travelling to you.
This is really weird….

Michelle Would Love To Be A Mum Again Adelaide

Hi My name is Michelle I’m 42 I have the Most Beautiful Precious Son he is now 16 My Precious Mum Passed Away Recently and She Always wanted Me to have another Baby but I was in an Abusive Relationship with My Son’s Father that I have not been in a Relationship Since I would Love to give My Son a Brother or Sister to LOVE but I need Your Help can You Help Us.
I am Only looking for a Sperm Donor.

Tracey-lee we are a lesbian couple looking to complete our family looking for a donor in Melbourne south east

We are a lesbian couple seeking a sperm donor to help us complete our family.
Through AI only.
Full health checks must be done and supplied before we proceed as we want sti free and clean men only.
Also must be willing to sign a donor agreement.
Looking south east or east of Melbourne for a donor or someone willing to meet at a location half way
If you think you are a suitable donor please feel free to contact us.


A&J Looking to start a family

Hi All,

Myself and my partner are looking to add to our family, we already have a daughter and would like to add another child, possibly 2 down the track, looking for a donor in the next 6 months.

We both work full time one in management and one in education. We love to be outdoors and spending time with our family and friends we have 2 sets of wonderful grandparents and they want more grandchildren too.

We would like the donor to be a part of child’s life, but would sign an agreement as to the involvement, this would be agreed to by both parties. As we are both wanting to have children there would be 2 different donations so they can have the same donor. Looking for AI only with full STD tests done.

Would love to hear from you.


Ashwin Sperm donor Indian and upper caste

Hi I am a very good looking South Indian. Good built. Very Fair skinned. Belonging to a highly educated and reputed family background. Grand dad was a high court Judge in Bangalore. Dad’s a gen surgeon. Mother is a gold medalist in economics from Maharanis College in Mysore. Myself a Masters graduate in Engineering from an American University on full scholarship. Living in Sydney since 3 years as a PR and working in a well paid job in IT. When it comes to Sports I was good at badminton and table tennis. My uncle who was a physician in Mysore as well as the youngest HOD in the govt hospital and was a state champion in both the games and I was thought these skills. Height 5ft 9 in weight 74 kgs Age 32 years. Married. My number