Anonymous Sperm Donors in Australia

Anonymous Sperm Donation in Australia

In Australia a sperm donor is either a known donor (where the donor is known to the recipient) or an anonymous donor. An anonymous sperm donor is where the identity of the donor is not known to the recipient but details will legally be made available for later access by the offspring once they reach 18 years of age.

Who can become an anonymous Sperm Donor?

Becoming a sperm donor can be one of the most generous acts a man can make. One in six couples in Australia have difficulty conceiving a child. A large proportion of these couples experience male infertility problems and need the help of a donor to achieve their dream of a family. In addition, single women and women in same sex relationships also require donor sperm to achieve pregnancy and a child.

All sperm donors who donate via a fertility clinic must adhere to guidelines developed by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee of the Fertility Society of Australia, and the National Health and Medical Research Council, including:

  • donors must be older than 21 years of age and younger than 50 years of age
  • donors must be shown by blood tests before and after three months of quarantining of the semen samples to be free of serious infection or genetic conditions
  • donors must have never previously donated at any other fertility clinic
  • donors must have no medical conditions or illnesses, either in himself or in his family that may be passed on to future children.

People need donor sperm for a variety of reasons, including men with an irreversible failure of sperm production. The failure of sperm production could also be caused by a severe illness or trauma earlier in life.

Under the Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2008, effective from 1st January 2010, same sex couples and single women can also access donor sperm to have a child.

Availability of anonymous sperm donors:

There is currently a severe shortage of donor sperm in Australia and there is currently a waiting list for people who wish to use donor sperm to become pregnant via a clinic.

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  1. Hello, my partner and i are a lesbian couple looking for a anonymous spearm doner in the wagga wagga or albury area who is will to donate anonymousley and with minimal cost, if its possable to do this via a clinic this would be best, we are 26 and have 1 child already who we wish to have a sibling for and would love to find someone with a good gene pool and good health. please contact me any time.

    1. I am the gt,gt,gt gt,great g-son of JT Willy 1st violin in Royal orchestra- composer. Just over 6ft, blue/grey eyes. Slightly built. V. Fit.r healthy,. Philosophical, humorous, intelligent and gentile. Uncomplicating and uninhibiting

    1. Hello allex, can you please tell me some more about you? wether your hetrosexual? gay? and if you have had health checks and sperms check and if your willing to have no contact after donating? also how old might you be, i have a profil on too by the way.

  2. Happy to help provide sperm

    I am 26, no drugs, no illnesses, (Australian) english/scottish/irish background
    Slim/Average figure

    Currently living in Sydney happy to answer any questions

    you can contact me at ————–

    1. Hi I am looking for a sperm donor and just asking would you be willing to travel to Adelaide? I am 30 years old and ready to have children of my own as I recently broken up with my boyfriend because he did not want to commit to help me conceive a child as he said it was to much responsibility.

    2. Hi Andrew,
      Your number isn’t showing. Is there any other way to contact you?
      I have the exact same background as you and would love to talk to you about you donating.

  3. I’m a 22 y.o economics student who is willing to help with sperm donation to those who are having difficulties/lesbian couples.

    I’m 5″10, caucasian, slim with brown hair. The only time I smoke is when I’m drunk (unfortunately) and I don’t use drugs. I have no genetic family illnesses

    I can be contacted at ——————————- to discuss

    1. Hi dan,
      Are you still interested in donating? My partner and I (same sex couple) lesbian are starting to look into getting our family underway. We are looking for a donor that wishes to have no contact until the age of 18 if the child then wishes to have contact. Looking for artificial insemination. We are not planning on going through a clinic so the donor will need to provide a full medical (family health history and sti test). We are willing to negotiate a price for the perfect candidate. We are quite interested In chatting to you a bit more if possible?
      Email contact is
      Hannah and Madi

  4. I have fathered all seven of my children to the same partner. aged 23 down to 2 years old at the moment.
    I am 49 years old, don’t smoke, don’t and never have done drugs or even marijuana.
    All my children are fine and healthy.
    I had three girls, two boys a girl and another boy in that order.
    Oldest is in Uni in Army (ADFA)
    Next is doing Chiropractic at Uni
    Next is a gifted and talented student in year twelve.
    all above have achieved excellence in studies and at Army Cadets.
    I am currently separated from my partner of 27 years.
    I am of average appearance and build.
    I have never had any stds at all and I have only had two partners in my whole life.
    So if you like what you hear, and want to form your family naturally with the same partner and also if you wish to again in the future as well for a little brother or sister then that would be great. I think children should be brought into the world with at least some love at the beginning, don’t you. Instead of that cold clinical ivf way πŸ™‚

    Contact me at
    Search for Username: Lord2
    Western Australia, Perth, Mandurah

  5. Hi,
    I am looking for a sperm donor for my sister.
    She is looking for a medium/dark skinned. We are at the Gold Coast but willing to travel.

    1. hi I am 43 n would like to know if u r still looking for a sperm donour I would like to help i live in Wollongong if u would like to chat about it get back to me thanks

  6. Hey!
    I am a lesbian in a very loving same sex relationship, we are wanting to conceive a child by a sperm donor, you will be kept anon and will sign a contract stating that you will have no financial part in the child’s life or any part at all.. It will be completely anonymous.
    We are located in Mildura, but happy to fly you here.

    Please contact me by email ——– thank you in advance πŸ™‚

    1. the child is likely to turn 18 not care that you both agree to anonymity and look for him anyway. And there is nothing either of you can do about it because anonymous sperm donation is now illegal.

    2. I am 24 years of age well educated and have very good count . located in India. If you are still looking then you have to bear my travel expenses only.
      I have donated two years earler anonymously.

    3. Hi Ebony, are you still looking? What method are you wanting to use and I can travel to Mildura, I have 3 kids that are beautiful and healthy so I know I’m good to go

  7. I’m confused. I thought a recent amendment to the Act made anonymous sperm donation illegal in Australia. Can someone please confirm whether or not this is the case?

  8. Hi,
    My name is Sharon
    I live in Sydney and looking for an anonymous sperm donor.
    I am a single woman, 42, tall, slim, been unlucky in finding the right person.

    1. sorry – when I say anonymous, I mean a sperm donor only, not someone to be the father and play the fatherly role in the child’s life.

  9. Hi all,
    My partner and I are looking for the right person to help us compete our family. We have been in a stable relationship for 10 years. We are financially, emotionally and physically able to offer the world to another child.
    Location: South Brisbane/Gold Coast area

    1. I can help,but no sure of a right man you think.I like mixed races.if you are no a couple of Asian Austray then please contact me

  10. Hi
    I’m looking for a sperm donor in Adelaide or as close as possible willing to travel
    My girlfriend are wanting a baby to complete our family and we can’t get any help here it’s too hard please contact me if your willing to help a1 only thanks

  11. If there are Young women or Young lesbian couples who want to get pregnant, I’m willing to help with free my sperm donor – only with NI.
    I men who have a wife and own children = 3 children, and my children have a fairly High level of intelligence ~ Electrical Engineer, 2nd is still in University for Computer Engineer and the youngest in the accounting.
    Surely you will all be very happy if you have intelligent children.

    I am an Indonesian, and lived in Indonesia, when a visit to Indonesia or working in Jakarta / Indonesia, let’s do NI.
    I’ll come to your place of stay, If you stay in Jakarta or at Anyer / Carita beach – west coast of Banten province (west coast of Jawa Island).

  12. Hey guys
    My partner and I are a lesbian couple, and are wanting to have a baby together.
    Is there anyone out there who would be willing to donate their sperm to us?

  13. Hi

    I looking for sperm doner
    Will pay money if you can just post in mail reason because i want to do
    sperm home insemination
    Also no contract or forums and also not want anything to do with child

  14. My husband and I need a sperm donor to be able to have children and have our family. We are both working full time. We also have done one round of IVF with no success because of sperm problems. We are looking for a sperm donor. Are you willing to help? We live in Melbourne by the way

  15. Hi

    Im 30 years old and want to add onto my family. Im looking for a sperm donor that is tall/blonde hair blue eyes and Caucasian. Also must be australian.

    Im wanting no contact until 18.

    Im also wanting shipping as im doing at home insemination only.

  16. Hi we are a lesbian couple looking to start a family in Perth. We are looking for someone that is willing to give us there sperm for home insemination and wanting no contact with the child.

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