Bella Happy sperm donor wanted

Hello from Tassie!

I would like one last child before I am too old. Without partner hassles. I am happy being single.

I have had 6 children (one I had for someone else) my kids are all happy loving people. I absolutely LOVE being a mother, I do not use day care, and I breastfeed and use cloth nappies.

I have an 11yr old Son and 3yr old Daughter still at home. My eldest Daughter is 23yrs old now. I would like a sibling for my youngest Daughter so she is not alone when her adored big brother takes off with his friends as a teenager.

I own and run my own organic small farm and own my own business helping people become cancer free for 20yrs now.

I am dark blond with blue eyes and olive skin so I tan not burn. I was top of my grade in high school with a love of science. I am naturally happy compassionate, careing and easy going. (most of the time)

I would like to to find the same in a sperm donor! I do not want contact or involvement other than some photos and some life info of yourself for when questions are asked in their future of “what about my Dad” this does not need to include contact info.


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  1. I can assist is needed.
    have had a three children.
    do not want any more.
    dark hair olive complexion, almost 6ft.
    assume ai would be a preference
    privacy is a must

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