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  1. Hello,
    my name is Dan, I am wanting to help others, whilst spreading my genetic codex win win lol, a professional guy like to relax during my downtime, reading learning, really enjoy nature walks, birds, animals, a talented photography hobbyist or chilling nice relaxing swim at the beach.

    Balanced with a few tertiary qualifications added bonus intelligent IQ over 145 one test on another test 152, high immune system, rarely drink only on social occasions.
    I want to spread my genes for more genetic diversity into other genome racial groups types like european, asian, russian, Iceland, Swiss, Italian, or other types.

    I’d prefer no contact with the child/ren further with nil legal parental responsibility signed agreement.

    Further if and when child/ren turn of age 18, all good I’d understand children may want to know although if you prefer to not tell them for family reasons as parents in bonding with the child no contact ok with me 100%. I have a very high sperm count eat healthy pescitarian diet limit my processed sugar intake to minimum. I am a perfectionist there would be some preparation on my part to ensure best possible sperm is produced prior to donation at peak ovulation.

    I will prefer donating to balanced financially secure, well educated couples and singles for creating children with best possible genetics for their ongoing development and future education, further for my own piece of mind and genetics for me the donation objective scientific based whilst helping others become parent/s.

    As the donor I’d offer no emotional or financial support in children’s upbringing. I’d request reasonable compensation for my time or travel to be negotiated privately given my suitability,education, intellect, willing to travel to any country over the world, anywhere throughout Australia and NZ at your expense if required otherwise, special special package via express courier.

    I am an easy going shy type guy, with positive outlook fun sense of humour, with a serious side when needed determined focussed goal achiever with an A type personality.

    Open to natural contraception method if required following successful health screen, prefer the A.I method, if you/both believe, I may be a suitable donor type please reach out email me anytime we can all discuss in more detail, best of luck to all in your search being a parent is the most awesome feeling in the world, good luck on your journey wishing all every success.

  2. Hello Bianca, that’s a pleasant name, I’m an Caucasian with a 100 percent European ancestry I’m a native South Australian that’s always lived a clean life I don’t drink or smoke or use other drugs, I’m 183 cm tall with blue eyes and light brown hair, my IQ is 131.2 on the worlds intelligence scale which places me at the 93.7 level, there are no illnesses in my family I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren whom are all in good health, I would love nothing more than to participate in your wish to create a family, I hope that that’s enough to give you an insight, however you decide Ild like to wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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