Brent Sperm donor Western Australia

Im not sure what to say i want to help
So here is my story im 35 blonde hair looks a bit brown when short greeny hazel eyes im 5 foot 10 but im the shortest male in my family i have 2 kids to a past relationship both are gorgeous my son is almost taller than me already at 10 and my girl is not far behind at 6
The relationship didnt work because i didnt understand her anxiety which in turn caused un necessary arguements over nothing i am not good with confrontation i prefer to let sleeping dogs lie and fight or flight i take to the air now in saying that i will stand up for whats right but when it comes to beating my chest i prefer to be the bigger man and walk away
Iv been into sport my whole life i love sport but i had something different to other sports nuts i had an IQ of 140 at 15 years old so i got stuck in my head alot
I hate talking about my looks so im just going to repeat what iv been told
Im handsome and fairly charismatic

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  1. Hi Brent

    Are you willing to do AI including all relevant tests? If so, please get in touch.

    I’m a mum of one, looking to add another child to my little family.


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