Brent Sperm Donor

Ive never done this before but i feel i have good genes i never really get sick im 35 and still play footy i have a high metabolism and i heal really fast in my mind im like wolverine healing wise iv never been an aggressive person i fall in love quickly in high school i was a little bit intimidated by girls because i was a little shy in adulthood im confident in myself and the hardest worker at my job my downfall is i can be lazy if not motivated im not sure if im a good candidate or not
Oh looks im blonde haired greeny hazel eyes i have freckles on my nose and i grow a red beard iv been told im handsome but i would normally never assume so

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  1. Hi Brent, my partner and I had a look at your profile and really liked it. We are a perth based lesbian couple,early 30s, professional looking to start a family. If you are still keen, please drop me a line and we can chat some more. (We’ve never done this either!).

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