Brian sperm donor

hello my name is brian from perth w.a western Australia I grow up in perth as kid and im willing to be sperm donor for anyone who need it im 38 year old and im from rockingham area and I live with my parent at the moment and willing to be sperm donor and extend my side of the family with anyone or single female or even a couple but I would like to be in contact with the child if possblie if your interest please email me

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  1. Hello Brian, my name is Hannah I’m 19 and am in a difficult situation. I am wanting to start a family alone using a sperm Donor as I have a problem with my ovaries and will need them removed at any given time. I want to be able to have a baby before this happens. I was hoping to do at home insemination rather then clinical. I’d love to hear back from you

  2. I really love to help you with that if that possible for you but I rather stay unknown sperm donor if that ok with you because I really think I rather choice that then be know who im as person and second part I would like have some sort of contact with the child through email or just through a phone just so he or she know who there father is if the child want to meet there father some day in the further in life if that fine with you if that possblie. let me know.

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