Carl I am a willing and healthy sperm donor

My name is Carl. Im 58 years of age, 178cms, black hair., hazel eyes, fit, financially secure single male- hetro. Have been married for 34 years but unfortunately after 12 years on IVF and egg donours, my previous wife was unable to conceive. Now that I am single, I would like nothing more than to assist a woman/loving couple realise their dream and mine of putting a little pair of feet on this great planet of ours. Happy for NI or AI. I am a caucasion male with Italian heritage, speak two languages, tertiary educated, 30 yr law enforcement background – happy to travel. Not looking for co-parenting role. STD and other nasties non existant- No known hereditary illnesses going back 3 generations apart from grand parents/parents living from 92 through to 111 yrs of age – so yes, could be something in the water that we haven’t worked out. Will provide medical certificate if required.

Look forward to chating and discussing this great opportunity with you

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