Corey 6’3 Athletic Male – Blonde Hair – Blue Eyes

Hi there

I am a fit and very healthy, 37yo male. I have three beautiful children of my own and want to give this precious gift to older but still fertile women who are struggling to conceive. I think you will find me to be a caring and kind fellow, as well as handsome and humorous, traits I’m sure you will admire in your child one day.

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  1. Hi Corey, I’m 32 year old women looking to have a child or children, my partner Is unable to give me this gift, and is much older than myself, we both want children for me rather sooner than later, we live in Melbourne. I’m completely fine healthy female, just want to have a child of our own I have this incomplete stage in life at the moment, thanks for reading this I hope to hear from you

  2. hello Corey
    We are looking for a doner please. My name is matt and my partner is linette. we are wondering if you could please help us. I matt already have kids but unfortunately i have an chromosome disorder that learning difficulties.
    I would like to give linette a child or two of our own but i dont want to hand my damaged chromosome on again (had vasectomy)
    Is it possible for you to help us please

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