Damon Straight healthy & educated caucasian male- two kids


Firstly thanks for checking out my first (and hopefully only) post!
Here is a bit about me- I am 27 years old, caucasian male, just under 6ft (i think?), slim and healthy, curly dark brown hair, green eyes, can grow a beard but not hairy anywhere else – i know thats an odd thing to add but hey just trying to paint a picture..
I have two university degrees and work full time. On the side i also play music in a paid band. Originally from Melbourne but have relocated due to family. I have only been with one girl and during our time I (accidentally but happily) got her pregnant twice and have had two beautiful children with amazingly happy and smart personalities. But i guess any parent will say that- but i truly believe it!
As a child i was calm and happy and laughed a lot and i see that in my kids.

One thing i would like to mention about my appearance that may turn you off or stereotype me is my tattoos. I have some on my arms and i am aware some people may judge me on this so just being up front! I like tattoos and i believe it’s great to express who you are on the outside. But i can assure you i’m just a nice, educated guy and am far from rough or scary!

I am looking to help a single or couple (hopefully only once but i understand) to conceive. I do not wish to have any involvement with the child out of respect for my only children and giving them all my attention throughout their lives.
I am a bit old school i guess, in that i believe in NI- even if its very quick. Happy to make it a fun light hearted process we can laugh about but both parties will have to show proof of a recent sexual health check up.

I am very new to this and only after reading forum after forum have i decided to try and help. AI seems to be less successful in home insemination jobs but maybe you could chat to me about it if you have any ideas.
Lastly, for work purposes i wish to stay discreet and to sign a contract signing over all rights of the child to you when successful, with my identity remaining anonymous. I hope you can respect this as would hate for it to cause any issues with my own children later in life once they have grown up. 🙂

Thank you and please get in contact so we can talk more and see if we are a right fit?


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  1. Hi Damon,

    My wife and I are looking to do a home insemination as the costs of ivf are so extreme. My name is Emma, I’m 28 and wife’s name is Cassandra, she is 26. We are new to this and have been referred to this website by friends of friends. Your profile is very appealing and the fact that you have medical history is something that is ver important to us. Contact me via email if you would be interested.

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    1. Hi Stacey,

      Would be awesome to chat 🙂 , I’m not sure how we get in contact now as the website keeps deleting any email or number i write down?
      But i will contact you here until we can figure it out?


  2. Hi Damon,
    My name is Kim, My partner n I have been wanting to start a family for the longest time, we have been together for 9 years, we are a lesbian couple we are looking for a donor for Ai only thanks,
    You sound great! could you please contact us would love to start trying asap
    Thanks again kim

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