Dan educated caucasian donor austwide

G’day my name is Dan, 43 year old tertiary educated, blonde blue eyed, never had sti willing provide health clearances etc, very high sperm count willing to donate
Australia Wide please check my profile on co-parentmatch.com
my user ID is DAN46O

All my profile info bio and profile pic on there if interested further pm me anytime forward your contact email.
Cheers Dan

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  1. Hi dan I’m interested to expand my family. My partner is infertile and we would want no contact after conception. Is that something u can agree to?

    1. Hi Ree

      Yes that’s my preferred option no contact and your partner could be the dad on birth certificate we can sign an agreement so I have no paternal rights check out my profife DAN760 on co-parentmatch.com links on here at bottom of page as you can not list email on this blog my profile picture there to other info.

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