Emily Biracial couple looking for islander/asian sperm donor

Married couple, white female (27) and Malaysian male (39), both straight looking for an islander or Malaysian donor or someone with a beautiful light brown complexion from mixing…prefer Artificial insemination but if right match found happy for natural insemination…completely anonymous donation, my husband will be put on birth certificate as natural father and the child will be raised as our natural child. Would like to avoid anyone with any genetic predispositions to neural tube defects and autism/ down syndrome in immediate family pls. Message me if you would like to help us make our perfect little family a reality.

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  1. Hi
    I am a 6ft tall black haired Italian with olive skin.
    I could help anonymously and totally discret here in Wollongong.
    Any one that asks……it your partners baby.
    You would have to travel.

  2. Hi Emily, I am a 37 yo Chinese. Good looking, smart and well educated. Healthy and not drinking/smoking.

    If you are still in search for a donor, please feel free to contact.

  3. Hi Emily,

    I am a 36yr old South Indian and English mix. I’ve been consciously healthy living since I was 20yrs old. I enjoy outdoor fitness and was a professional ocean/beach athlete for a few years.
    I live on the Sunshine Coast. Let me know if you’re still looking for a donor.

  4. Hi Emily,

    I’m a professional with an Asian-Hispanic Background. I have no disease, healthy and my family has no history of genetic disease.

    Please contact me if you are still interested.



  5. Hi Emily,
    I really am not sure if you found your person but your quote ” beautiful light brown complexion from mixing” is problematic. How “light-brown” does the person need to be. The notion of “mixing” is actually one that dates back to imperialism.

    How does this contribute to living in a world where are not judged by their skin tone?
    I am often told I am “mixed”, but to say so assumes race is a salient and valid category in my life. It is not. I would be willing to help, but not unless you unpack what you are posting

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