Hannah Lesbian couple seeking to become parents

My partner and myself are seeking to become parents, we are seeking a sperm donator who is happy to do the home base method (syringe method), we are willing to let you accomodate at our residence for the 4 days a month when needed (to make access to sperm easier)
We have a 5 year old son who my partner has taken on like her own and now we wish to extend our family. Not only are we extremely excited to welcome a new member to our family but so is our son who often ask when we will have a baby (being 5 he doesn’t understand it’s not as easy as he thinks)
We are located 20 minutes from Brisbane and wish to have someone who resembles my partner (brown/blonde hair and blue eyes, my son has blonde hair and blue eyes)
I work full time as a childcare worker and my partner is a stay at home wife. She is seeking work so we can swap roles once we are blessed with a child
If this sound like you and you wish to help until our dreams come true don’t be afraid to message us 🙂

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