Hannah – Wanting a sperm donor

Looking for someone willing to help donate there sperm, no contact with the child and willing to sign legal documents to help protect us and themselfs. My partner and I are a lesbian couple wanting to start our family by bringing a bundle of joy into our life’s and our families. Would mean the world to us if someone was willing to help. We will be doing this together, therefor home insemination only. 🙂

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    1. Hi there sorry for confusion but I’ve only just noticed it says Brisbane not victoria! Your in Brisbane am I right. Sorry 🙁

  1. Hello

    I would be willing to help you and your partner start a family. My profile ID on coparentmatch is Phill17. Contact me if for further info.


    1. Hi phill extremly
      Sorry but have realised I’ve put
      Myself and partner down as Brisbane and not victoria.
      Sorry for confusion 🙁

      1. Not a problem Hannah, I have only recently moved to Brisbane from Melbourne and travel down all the time to finish off the renovations on my home.

        Just email me if you are interested.


        1. Hey phill, not sure how to get your email to be able to contact you? But very intrested. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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