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68 Replies to “How to Communicate”

    1. i can help you i have too much sperm in my body doctor said to me and my sperm is very hot so it can develop quickly in stomach of women and will give satisfaction but i am from India living in India only how i can donate my sperm to you if you can take me in your country i can live with you for many time at your place
      contact me at ——————

  1. Hi im 28 year old Gay guy in a committed 8 year relationship looking for someone to donate to, but would obviously discuss what each others expectations are first . Im a very healthy, easy going, and caring guy. I would like to think i’m fairly intelligent and handle myself quite well socially.
    From South West Sydney, and open to many different circumstances, it all just depends on the other person/people.

    1. Hey Benjamin,
      I too am in Sydney, I would really like to meet you / you and your partner. I feel you could be just what I’m looking for?
      Please email me to meet n discuss.
      Warm regards,
      Syl šŸ™‚

    2. Hi Benjamin5, I would love to discuss more about your post you have put up as we are a couple in need. We cant conceive a child and have tried but the sperm doesn’t seem to be fruitful. Your contribution could possibly be really helpful if you are an ideal person.

      So we are clear about what you said in your post “discuss each others expectations” we don’t have to much expectations we just want a child that is healthy and isn’t to far from our own image.We are not sure if you’re expecting payment or other conditions but we are up for discussing a negotiation

    1. Hello girls,

      I am 31 years old single gay man and I really wanted to have kids. I would love to be co-parenting.

      If you guys interested in then we could chat. more my email,

  2. We are a lesbian couple looking for a doner. We live in the Campbeltown region of Sydney. We have a 10 year old son but feel like it is definitely time to add to our family. Please contact us. Username: Angie212

  3. Hi I am 35 year old single lesbian. living on the South Coast NSW.
    I have always wanted children, up until now the circumstances haven’t been right . I’m settled in my own home, have a wonderful job as Midwife & I have a fabulous supportive family all living nearby.
    All I need now is a kind soul(s) who is willing to help me fulfil my greatest dream: to become a mother.

    I am not looking to co-parent as such I wish to be the primary carer and be responsible for all parental decisions. However I am open to discussion

    you can view my full profile on username: Stacey77

  4. David here 28 year old male from brisbane.willing to help women who are seeking baby.i am average built guy with no smoking and drinking habits.most important i am purely vegetarian.interested people may reply me.


    1. Hi David
      I am very interested to know more about you. I am seeking a sperm donor ASAP. I live on the Gold Coast. Single 36 yo who has not been graced with any children but aiming high to change that and enter the world of motherhood on my own.
      Look forward to hearing from you šŸ™‚

  5. Hi , we are a lesbian couple moving to Adelaide .. We are looking for a sperm donor .. Ai only . Must be wiling to undergo medical tests . Thanks

  6. Hi all.
    My name is Lisa and I’m 28 years old. I live on the Sunshine Coast (near Tewantin, Cooroy, Noosa) I’m looking for a sperm donor (AI) My dream in life is to become a mother. I absolutely love children.
    I am stable and financially secure with an amazing, loving extended family.
    I’m healthy, don’t smoke or drink and enjoy the outdoors. Walking, camping, fishing, boating, kayaking and I love to read. I would prefer you had no contact with the child.
    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to help out and be my knight in shining armour. Only if you live in the immediate area (or are willing to travel)
    Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I hope you’ll help me create an angel and make my dreams come true.

  7. Single lesbian 33 registered nurse seeking sperm donor. Child will be loved and wanted with a great extended family. Open to whatever donor requires re legal contracts visitation finances. Happy for donor to be anon and no financial responsibility if that’s what they want. Or if want to be known and visit can be discussed. I am more than willing to donate and egg in return if needed. Once I have a healthy pregnancy I am even happy to be surrogate to give back the way someone will give to me to make my dream baby come true. I am single. But many friends and family for support and they baby will want for nothing. Open to any discussion from donor. Only thing I insist on is a basic family medical history for the baby’s health. All other terms up for discussion. Sincerely , Claudia

  8. Hi We are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor.
    We already have 2 teenage daughters (that my partner carried) but we would love for myself to have a child to add to our family.
    I am 29 years old. I am a Qualified Vet Nurse. I have been with my partner for 11 years.
    We would really like to find an Asian donor but it is not a must. We live in Northern NSW so would like a donor that is somewhat close. (Coffs Harbour – Gold Coast – Toowoomba) If you would like to know more about us just let us know šŸ™‚ Profile Nicci32

  9. Hello,
    My name is Bree, my partner of 3 and a half years, Megan and I are in search of a sperm donor.
    We currently live South of Perth so someone close by or within Australia willing to travel would be amazing.
    We are very calm and easy going people šŸ™‚ always up for a chat..
    Megan is 28 and I am 20
    If you could help us out don’t hesitate to contact me please.
    Help us ! šŸ™‚ we’d love to try start our own family šŸ™‚
    Search Bree8 on and send me a message
    Looking forward to chatting..

  10. I am an international free sperm donor yes and of course !
    So to help definitively infertile couples to
    have at least the joy of being parents of their own children, I decided since last ten years by providing free my sperm undoubtedly vital.
    Indeed, I am a man very healthy, active, father of 2
    children and never makes distinction of races in my deals
    sperms and I inform you that you have no fees to pay as
    legal medical expenses etc … because I’ve already done all
    medical tests and I am well without disease.
    By cons, if you want to require me to do again medical tests, then the medical expenses return in your expense because I am very sure and certain that I am very healthy and I decided to help you swiftly.
    So to be counted among the true fathers and mothers in the world, just contact me at:
    So don’t endly forget filling up the gaps of your shipping informations:
    Name……….First……….Country………City……….Shipping date and PO.Box……Phone number
    I’m ready to reply you sharply and swiftly if you really need my help.

    1. Hi Patricio. I am very interested in your offer. What country are you from. Can you tell me a little about yourself. Any family history of illnesses.. I’m 23 and want to be a mum. Could I get a pic of you. Do you have recent medical record showing you are disease free. How does this shipping thing work. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. 26 y/o Heterosexual Man in a relationship. Would like to assist in the creation of a life. I dont drink or smoke or take any other substances. I am intelligent, fun to be around and a well spoken/traveled/experienced person. I have no hereditary/genetic problems in my family history. Im medium build 5’9, salt and pepper hair and green eyes, Caucasian with a fair complexion. People often comment that im attractive you be the judge.
    Can be contacted on


    1. Hi.
      Just wondering if you are still willing to be a donor ? My partner an I are looking for a donor and we both like your profile. Would like to chat more. We are on co-parentmatch website username leanne82.
      Hope to hear from you soon

  12. 38, fit, healthy, active (gym, running, swimming, camping), non-smoker, professional, 5,10, 80kg, black hair, brown eyes, Mixed race (white / dark parents). I have no children and have not donated previously. Sydney based. In a long term relationship. I am willing to donate to the right couple / individual. I am also ideally looking to be involved or known to the child (up to negotiation on how much influence with the upbringing of the child). I have strong family values and have a brilliant family (which includes nephews / niece). I am caring and genuine.

  13. We are a lesbian couple who have been together for 7 years and are looking for a donor. Both healthy, working and living comfortably but missing one thing.
    We have a profile on, username is RnC1 and can be contacted there.
    We live in Gladstone, QLD and are willing to travel to surrounding areas.

  14. Couple looking for a donor (33 & 24) Time for the next chapter together. I am a step parent to a child conceived from donating, we would like to now extend our family. Looking for someone with no involvement but is happy to leave details with us in case any health issues and history is needed down the track.

  15. Hi, I am available in Adelaide from April 15th, I am ready to donate sperms, if any need sperm donation, pls contact me

  16. Hi, a lesbian couple looking for a donor, we live in Wagga Wagga, looking for a donor close to here. Lauren60

  17. Hello,

    We are a couple in our mid30s that have been in a loving relationship for 4 years. After 18mths of trying to start a family we have been told hubby has a condition where he is unable to generate sperm.

    We have been told I have a good chance for fertility rates so we would appreciate any help from a sperm donor to have a baby! Our fertility clinic has at least an 18mth waitlist, so we are reaching out to all avenues in search of a donor

    So if you live in Perth WA and are considering sperm donation to help out an infertile couple please contact us. We do not expect the donor to have any ongoing contact with the child in the future, however please know we would be forever grateful that your donation gave us the chance to have a family

    We also have a profile on (Kym15)

    Thanks šŸ™‚

  18. We are a lesbian couple together for 7 years. We are looking for an Asian sperm donor to have no contact or legal responsibilities with the child, willing to undertake blood tests and donate through home inseminations. We would really appreciate your help!

    1. Hi Yanina!

      I am happy to help. I’m a 22 year old Chinese Australian male based in Canberra. 178cm height. Quite attractive. I also play sports every week.

      Education: about to graduate from ANU with Economics and Asian studies.

      Personality: passionate, warm, optimistic, friendly, helpful

      Terms: no contact afterwards, no co-parenting, no sex. I only donate sperm to people who can afford (and happy) to raise children.


      1. My wife and I are looking for sperm donor (AI only) who would be willing to come to or lives in Hervey Bay. All accommodation and travel costs would be covered with and added thank you bonus $$$$. Should you be required to take time off work you would be compensated $$$. We are currently trying our final IVF. Should this round of IVF not work we have been advised to try self insemination BUT: Because my wife does not menstruate at regular intervals. We would be looking for a sperm donor that could provide a sample twice a day (6am & 6pm) for a period of 6 days. That’s it. The rest of your time in Hervey Bay would be free time to you. Should we be unsuccessful with this current IVF cycle then we would be looking at trying self insemination in possibly May this year 2018.

        View Glenn’s Profile and contact NOW!

  19. Hi all we are a leading couple ages 27 &23 looking for a decent donor to help us have a child. We are mainly looking for Caucasian Italian or Germany back ground but no restricted to different back grounds. We have tried ivf and it has not worked. We are hoping someone will See my message a d contact us to fulfill our dreams or being parents. Out ID is alissa6 please email me on ———————- . I look forward to many reply

  20. Hello how are you just a little bit about my self and my partner my names Emmalene I am 22 years of age my partner is 21 we have been together for about for years we are starting our own business very soon in health and well being I first realised I wanted too be a mum at the age of 17 then became pregnant with my first son he is know for years of age two years after that I had my second son he is two years of age and know my partner wants too carry our last addition too our family with the help of someone willing to help us my two boys are of donors I was hoping to have all of our children too the same donor but after having my second son our donor couldn’t help us because he no longer had passion for donating we are looking for a anonymous donor we are currently living in the darling downs in Queensland but soon enough will be buying a house in the Redlands in Brisbane my self and my partner will be getting married when its legal in Australia if you would like too know more please just ask thank you very much for taking the time to read about us we look forward too hearing from you kind regards Emmalene and Amanda co parentmatch ID babygirl_921

  21. Hi,

    I am a mature 19yo female (lesbian).
    My partner and i are looking for a sperm donor to help us with our dream of becoming parents.
    We are kind, caring and honest people.
    My ID is kiri5.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact.


  22. Hello All,
    I’m a 33 year old single Mum of a gorgeous little boy that is almost 2. I’m looking for a donor in the Newcastle/Central Coast area. Needs to be willing to donate till successful, have had 1 or more previous children. Prefer non contact and will to start ASAP. Many thanks
    Co-Parentmatch ID is Tracey532

  23. happy to help with healthy sperm , i live in darwin but i frequent brisbane every few months if i can help anyone with any for of donor i am happy to

  24. Hi Im looking for a donor. I am 27 yr old single lesbian, 68 kg, tall , brown hair, brown eyes I am living in Sydney, I work in child care I am very passionate about my job and love working and taking care of the children 0-5 year old I am very experienced in motherhood role I have cared for my younger siblings and nephews for a period of time since they were babies they are teenagers. I am willing to start having children of my own. I am not getting any younger and I feel now is the right time for me. Having children is what I’ve always wanted, but wasn’t ready at the time.

  25. I was a husband who wanted a white man to impregnate my wife, if the appropriate criteria, we can talk about it later ..
    it is very important to me
    please reply to my email, I will reply to all the good things, we can talk about anything that is deemed inappropriate

    1. Hi I am a young white male healthy no medical problems tall athletic figure brown eyes blonde/brown hair
      Am happy to help anyone start a family as I believe everyone deserve the oportunity, email me on with any questions also located in geelong

  26. Hi I’m a lesbian and I currently live in Qld and I’m looking to add to my family, I’m looking for a gay male who will like to donate his sperm and become a dad. I’m happy for you to be involved and also if you just want to donate. Please reply if you wish to talk more and find out my story. Thanks

  27. My name is kunal. And i am 24 yo. I have to donate my sperms. I know the importance of it. So if you are interested too you can contact me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  28. Seeking an AI ONLY donor in Townsville, FNQ. Pretty urgent, cycling soon (two! follicles). Prefer tall (6ft and over), dark hair and hazel/green eyes in an effort for the child to be reasonably convincing as my husband’s.

  29. Seeking donor sperm from Mexican or african descent. I’m australia woman and studying architecture. I don’t want waiting until late age. I am near 33 years. I like become single mother to beautiful child make amazing life change everything. But my husband don’t want having baby with me. I have been sad and lonely. I decided separate from my husband. I don’t want him to know my plans future have a baby without husband.

  30. My wife and I are looking for sperm donor who would be willing to come to or lives in Hervey Bay. All accommodation and travel costs would be covered with and added thank you bonus $$$$. Should you be required to take time off work you would be compensated $$$. We are currently trying our final IVF. Should this round of IVF not work we have been advised to try self insemination BUT: Because my wife does not menstruate at regular intervals. We would be looking for a sperm donor that could provide a sample twice a day (6am & 6pm) for a period of 6 days. That’s it. The rest of your time in Hervey Bay would be free time to you. Should we be unsuccessful with this current IVF cycle then we would be looking at trying self insemination in possibly May this year 2018.

    View Glenn’s Profile and contact NOW!


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