James Natural Insemination Perth

I am early 30s, 6 ft, naturally blonde (but bald now) with blue eyes and athletic physique. I have very mutch a scandinavian / germanic look with a square jaw. Personality wise I am very easy going, friendly, respectful and clean. Preferably I’d like there to be some form of connection between us for the intimate part of making a baby to be a whole lot more enjoyable, but if you’d prefer not to then thats OK. I do not want to be known to the child so I would donate anonymously to you, via natural insemination. I am very fertile and have a baby on the way. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss more and I can make a profile on coparentmatch. Ideally you will be in Perth, but I am willing to travel for the right recipient. We should meet a few times over your fertile cycle for the best chance at success

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  1. Hi James, I’m about an hour south of Perth, only want to do AI, have a few weeks before needing so could you message me if ok please?

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