James Specialist doctor donor available

39 year old specialist doctor. Top of Australia in specialist exams. Blond hair, blue eyes. Very fit (look about 30).
Have a healthy son (conceived first go).
Had full testing done prior to separation from ex partner for reasons of IVF for gender selection (no problems with natural conception. Have the info).
No health problems.
Personality- good- can define good for you if needed 🙂
Fit family (Parents both totally fit in 60’s, grandparents all made 80s-90s). 5’8″.
Didn’t get to have as many kids as i’d like and might not get to. Prefer NI.
Contact me for more info-

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  1. Hi James. My wife and I are currently looking into the option of speem donor which is looking like the most viable way of starting a family. We are based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and are looking to start this process in six months or so. Any further information from your perspective greatly appreciated.

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    Kind regards

    Greg and Ann

  2. Hi James, my name is Tash and i am engaged to my beautiful fiance Jill for 5 years now.

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    we were looking at adoption but the process is so long (not that we wont try it in the future) and IVF will have 3 years (if we are approved and we would like to know who the father is (eve if he wants to remain absent from their lives.
    we live south of the river (perth) and I work as a nurse what my fiance is a physio.
    yes we are a same sex couple… but we have been together since 2011, have built our own house together and are ready for our first chiild.
    Jill is light skinned, blonde hair and blue eyes what i am olive skin, dark hair and deep brown eyes. ideally we weould like to find a close match to myself but it doesnt matter,
    happy to get a contract drawn up if you are worried about money etc but we can give you aour word the child will be ours and we will support him/ her 100%
    we could like to find someone who is also willing to give us a sibling when the time comes as we want our children to have each other as then they have something in common and i believe it willl make it easier on our (hopefully) kids!
    please help me fulfil my dream, i was born to be a mum and im ready to get started after a clean bill from the doctor.
    p.s. im 30 on friday so my biological clock is ticking hahaha
    Tash and Jill

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