Jen sperm donor wanted

Hi I’m a 29yr old single mum and want another child. I live on the gold coast and would like to find someone who wants a no contact arrangement (updates are fine)
I would prefer NI but am open to AI .
I have brown hair, brown eyes, about 5″10 and Caucasian, someone with similar features would be great but not essential. Full medical history of yourself and family please and obviously no STDs!!!
Please contact if you need more information

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      1. Meduim build brown hair
        Carpenter own business.
        Hobbies.. Architecture , classic cars, photography.
        No medical history issues or allergies.

  1. Hi jen. Im brisbane based and would be happy to help you out either NI or AI . 178 cm tall strawberry blonde/ dark blonde hair blue eyes. I have a co parentmatch profile too feel free to look me up andrew148

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I have viewed your profile on co-parentmatch but unfortunately can not message as my PayPal account is not accepting my payment.

      I would happy with your help thank you
      I am on facebook Australian sperm donors page you can contact me on there if that is easier?

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