Jess BNE, sperm donor wanted

Looking for sperm donor to complete my family. I would prefer them to have darker brown hair, brown or blue eyes and pale skin. I would not like to have any contact after this, so an anonymous as possible donation meeting above criteria is perfect.
Any response will be replied to as promptly as possible.

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  1. Hi Jess
    Im a 28yr white Australian guy on the southside of Brisbane. I have reddish brown hair and blue eyes (light freckles) I’m also university educated, fit aand healthy. Happy to help if you are still looking for someone

  2. I can help but must be confidential. I will want no contact with the child, I already have my own. Australian of UK heritage. no family health issues, for grand parents, Parents, my siblings or children. I am just under 6ft, brown hair and eyes. if interested, advise the best way for us to make contact. I also live in Hobart.

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