Kelsey Looking for perfect donor in Adelaide

I’m looking for a healthy, attractive, intelligent white male to blend my genes of the same calibre with, and create a baby.

I’m stunningly gorgeous, very intelligent, and humorous. But i’m not a stage in my life where I want a relationship or partner, and doubt this is likely to change.

I’m unsure if I’d want the father to stick around or have any involvement after conception. But this can be discussed further if I find someone who seems like a good candidate.

Potential candidates MUST fit the description I have written above, AND have recent full STI tests to show that they are infection free. AI only.

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  1. Hi Kelsey!

    I believe I fit the description – but I would prefer to meet in person prior to getting to committed to anything, I am currently interstate and as such will not be available until later in the month. If you find someone sooner that’s great, otherwise my offer is available.


  2. Hi Kelsey, my name is Rob. I am 29, 6ft and muscular. I study engineering and I have Italian heritage on my mother’s side and German on my dads side. I can supply recent test results. Would love to meet and chat further.



  3. Hi Kelsey.

    I am 29. 6ft tall muscular and well educated. I german heritage on my fathers side and italian on my mother’s. I have recent test results and would love to meet up and discuss more.



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