Lyzz Loving couple living in Perth seeking a donor to fulfil a shared dream of becoming Mothers

Lyzz is 29 and Nic is 27. We met on Tinder in 2017 and quickly realised that we both want the same things in life, to be happy together and have a big family. If it were possible or just easier we would 100% adopt, but unfortunately in Australia adoption is still very difficult. When our future children are a bit older and in school we plan to give many more children a loving home by becoming foster parents as well.

Our goal here is to find a first-time donor who may or may not already have children of their own. We both agree that we will only choose someone who is willing to be exclusively OUR donor. We plan to have multiple children and we wish for them to all have the same donor. Although we recognise and appreciate that co-parenting is fulfilling for many people, we are not personally interested in co-parenting.

The person we choose will have contact with us throughout the children’s lives, but we would contact you first, unless something has happened in your personal life that warrants the need for you to reach out to us. Contact after the child turns 18 however is obviously at their discretion. Your physical attributes are not a major concern for us, dark hair would be a nice bonus though. Your health however is important.

A non-smoker is a must as smoking reduces blood flow and also sperm count and mobility. We will require any potential donors to supply blood and sperm samples to be screened for SDI’s before we make our final decision. Please ensure you have read and understand all our requirements before contact, this is extremely important. Any other details or questions you have can be discussed over private messages. We look forward to finally starting this amazing journey to finding the missing piece we need to make our dream happen. Kind regards, Lyzz & Nic

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