Man Searching for a genuine dedicated donor in Melbourne (north suburbs if possible)

My name is Maz and I am nearly 45 and I am searching for a committed donor in the northern suburbs of Melbourne preferably or someone who can do city meet ups.

I have met a few donors but they haven’t really understood the level of commitment needed to give someone my age a shot at getting pregnant. Even with super regular sex it is only a 1 in 100 chance. So trying to time things to a perfect one shot a month is virtually impossible.

I want someone Caucasian and someone quite young, under 35 would be preferable as that gives the best shot for a conception.

I need my donor to be open to contact with the child if that is what the child wants, so no anonymous donation.

I am open to both NI and AI, but would probably prefer a combination of both, as it is easier to organise a quick pick up for a take away sample in a pinch when I get a peak smilie on the testing kit than it is to organise a hotel and a meeting place and everything you need to fall into place to actually have sex.

I am Caucasian, post graduate educated and definitely running out of time.
It is possible that I may never get pregnant and that is something to consider if you come on this journey with me.

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