Matt Educated European Male Sperm Donor (Based in Tasmania)

Hi, Matt here. 21y/o business student at university. Unmarried, straight, caucasian. 186cm tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, 85kg and relatively fit (tennis player). Based near Launceston, Tasmania. Happy to help anyone with a heartfelt goal of becoming a parent. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I will require complete anonymity, but am happy to share any medical history (my immediate family has an impeccable bill of health). No contact with the prospective child preferable. Fine with donor or natural methods of conception.

13 Replies to “Matt Educated European Male Sperm Donor (Based in Tasmania)”

  1. Hi Mat,
    Desperately seeking immediate donor for my same sex partner and I due to ovulation.
    We are looking for sti/STD clear AI donor only can travel to you if interested please get back to me.

  2. Hi matt i am looking for a donor, im am single and needing a donor. I will need sti/std clearance. Please contact me if you aee still donating

  3. Hi Matt,

    I am single and looking for a sperm donor. I will need sti/std clearance AI only. Penguin area.
    Contact me please if still donating.

    1. Hi there Erin, I’m still looking to donate 🙂
      Please reply with your Facebook name so I can find you on there and go further.

  4. Hi Matt, seeking sti free sperm to help me start my family, would prefer asap if possible. Contact if still donating

  5. Hi Matt, my wife and I are seeking a local donor in Tasmania. Could you please message me on messaged under Elizabeth when you can. Thank you

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