Matthew 18 healthy male willing to give sperm

Hey there I am matthew I am willing to give away my sperm to any couple who is need of it I am healthy and the
Choice of ni or Ai is up to you I do prefer Ai but the decision is up to you please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have I am on learners so you must be willing to do pickup from north lakes.

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  1. My wife is Filipino. We are looking for sperm donor who would be willing to come to Hervey Bay. All accommodation and travel costs would be covered with and added thank you bonus $$$$. Should you be required to take time off work you would be compensated $$$.
    We have just failed our final IVF. We have been advised to try self insemination BUT: Because my wife does not menstruate at regular intervals.
    We would be looking for a sperm donor that could provide a sample twice a day (6am & 6pm) for a period of 6 days. That’s it. The rest of your time in Hervey Bay would be free time to yourself. We would be looking at trying self insemination in possibly May this year 2018.

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