Meg Donor required please

I am a 38 yo single woman, living on the NW Coast of Tasmania. I am looking for a sperm donor to help me have a baby. Financially sound, work full-time with a fantastic support network with my family and friends. Would love to hear from you if you could help me? Looking at AI only, and if from interstate happy to discuss paying for you to travel, or for me.
Kind regards

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  1. I could assist if you were able to come to Hobart. I have fathered children naturaly and by AI. I will want total privacy and will want nothing to do with the child. near 6 ft with great family health history. Sibling, children, and parents are all healthy. as were grand parents and great grand parents. dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin. unsure how you would contact me as I do not want my details publicized on this site.

      1. Hi Allan- 8 have just put a post also looking for sperm. Are you able to email me on
        I am happy to come to Hobart

    1. Hi I could help you out happy to meet you and make sure your happy whit me and is I will help you.
      What’s the best way to contact you

  2. unlikely you want to advertise your email address on this. fax number is a little more private. once I have that we can communicate.

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