Michael Healthy, Intelligent, Healthy, 22 Year Old Male (AI preferred)

Hi, I’m a 22-year-old male with a bachelors in Cyber Security. I’m doing this as I have been approached previously and asked to donate sperm. After some time I have come to the decision that I would like to help people achieve their dreams. I’m not looking for sex or “NI”, If NI is preferred then we can discuss it under some pre-planned conditions that both parties are comfortable with but as stated prior “AI” is my preferred option.

About me:
I’m 5’9, Blue Eyes, Red Hair, Healthy, No Medical problems, Reformed smoker (Smoked for about 1 year when I was 16), Non-drug user, Non-drinker, Above average IQ, Blood type is unknown.

I have really never posted anything like this so I’m not sure what is required in this section, However. I’m more than happy to discuss anything you would like to know.

I do not wish to have contact with the child after they are born, I will require a contract to be signed stating that you will not pursue me for financial support or any role in the child’s life.

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