Natalie Couple looking for donor ASAP

Hi, Jordyn & Natalie here
we are a married lesbian couple in Brisbane looking to start a family so we are looking for anyone interested in donating to help make the process quicker and easier 🙂

To make it easier to communicate feel free to send a message

3 Replies to “Natalie Couple looking for donor ASAP”

  1. Hello Jordyn & Natalie,

    I would feel privileged to offer my services to assist you both and believe I have many desirable qualities including being fit and healthy, 185cm tall and non-smoker. I have undergone a recent health screening which has been positive with no STI’s, genetic conditions etc. Further information can be found at (‘Roger18’).

  2. I’m 37 m in Brisbane, happy to donate to anyone. I’m 185cm tall, eyes brown/blonde hair, Caucasian. I’m perfectly healthy and no genetic problems
    If your advert current contact me
    Look forward to help!

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