Sperm donor wanted

Hi, I am a single 34 y/o fit and health conscious mother of 2 looking to add to my little family.
I am looking for a sperm donor in the Wollongong area that is happy to have no contact at all after conception.
I am looking for a fit male with green or blue eyes, decent body and lightish hair about 6 foot tall with no mental illness in family history and has had all checks for diseases done.
If this is you please leave me a message..

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  1. Hello to everyone, am donating my sperms. am here to make your dreams come true, contact me for more details and proceeding. thanks and waiting for your soonest reply.

    1. Hi there I was wondering if I could have some more info on your family background and a description of your looks please. I am looking for Ai only and no contact after conception

  2. GDay I am a 42yr old Caucasian Australian (family has been in Australia since 1809) I am healthy blue eyed light brown (now greying) hair. Healthy sperm count

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