Sperm donor wanted, Brisbane northern suburbs

I’m seeking a donor to help me out in a few weeks. AI only, non-negotiable. I can provide all the materials. Would require a current clean STD test and an outline of your family and health histories. Will be anonymous and no more contact once I conceive, except potentially to help create another baby in a couple of years. I’m about as ready as is possible for this new adventure in my life and working towards it has been my major project for the last few months. Having children is literally my bucket list.
I look forward to your responses!
I have not put my full name because there are people who are openly unsupportive of me doing this and I don’t want them finding out until it’s too late for them to object. If we talk of course I will tell you my name. 🙂

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  1. Hi I am from Brisbane 39 year of age, have three kids to an ex-wife I am 6ft 2in Scandinavian background blue eyes blonde hair tanned complexiin. Let me know if you want to chat.

    1. Hi Brad, I’d love to chat. I have a mixed European background. Could you shoot me an email please? I will see if I can delete this comment later, hopefully I don’t get spammed.

      Thanls for your reply!

        1. Email won’t go, getting really annoyed. Hopefully a facebook name will stay? Ny secondary account is under Alyx if you can shoot me a message there please? Don’t mind the mens look, it’s my drag persona. I’ll check my others folder.

  2. Hey,

    I’m 30, 187cm, brown hair and eyes, about 102kg and reasonably lean owing to spending too much free time in the gym. I also have a bachelors degree and am qualified for a good profession. I’m happy to take any required tests, or show you results from them once I get them done when I go through the process at a donor clinic. I would be happy to talk with you if you are interested in seeing if you would like me to be your donor.

  3. Okay apparently my email didn’t get included. Mods- this one is an old address that I don’t check regularly any more and don’t mind putting out there if you can please leave it in here?

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