Stacey Looking for donor


I’m a 27 year old heterosexual single female looking for a possible donor,
Feeling that there is something missing from my life and that I may never find the one that I want to start a family with and don’t want to be an old first time mum. I have a big family with lots of nieces and nephews. I’m quite short at 4’11 I have light brown hair and green eyes I’m quite outdoorsy, looking for a male that is quite tall with good medical history that also is outdoorsy and coordinated
Not looking to offer money. And am unsure if I would co-parent but depending on the situation could be something I could be open too.
If you think you may be able to help please reply


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  1. Hi I’m 33 on gold coast, tall and happy to help you and then let you be sole parent

    Let me how to contact you

  2. Hi Stacey! I can help you with that. I’m single, 31 year old, clean guy from Brisbane and can be a co-parent if possible. don’t hesitate to email me.

  3. Dan available as a sperm donor. 100% success rate as a donor so far. Please get in touch on co-parentmatch. You can also find me on Facebook.

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