Pagan Donor Wanted

View Pagan’s Profile and contact her NOW! Hi I’m looking for a sperm donor.. I’m a single lesbian. 31yrs old.. Living between Brisbane and Ipswich .. Can someone help??

Matthew 18 healthy male willing to give sperm

Hey there I am matthew I am willing to give away my sperm to any couple who is need of it I am healthy and the Choice of ni or Ai is up to you I do prefer Ai but Read More …

Matthew 18 male healthy and willing to give sperm

Hey I am matthew I am a healthy ddf male and I am willing to give sperm to who ever needs it I can do ni or Ai but do prefer Ai if you or your your partner if you Read More …

Ammie Looking for sperm artificial insemination

I’m 29 years old happily engaged to my partner we have been discussing a baby for about a year now we have a 9 year old nephew who we raise together and are ready to complete our little family with Read More …

MCe Looking for sperm donor

My partner and I are looking for a Latin Donor/European donor. Lesbian couple 26 and 28.

Rossy Free Sample

Looking for sperm donner in townsville. For home insemination. I just wont to be a mum. It my life dream.

Katherine Looking for sperm donor

Single woman from western suburbs of Melbourne seeking sperm donor Seeking: Caucasian male 20 – 40 6ft+ tall blonde hair blue eyes skinny to average build Good family medical history also with No autism or birth defects Twins in family Read More …

Anna Looking for AI sperm donor in Brisbane

27 year old female, looking for sperm donation in Brisbane. Pls contact me for more info.

Aimee Looking for Brisbane sperm donor

View Aimee’s Profile and contact her NOW! Hi I’m a 24 year old single mum looking to have baby number 2. I’m looking for AI method only (container and syringe) at home, no contact after conception, prefer Australian/Caucasian donor. I Read More …

Aimee Looking for a Sperm Donor

Hi my name is Aimee, I’m a single mum and looking for a donor to help complete my family. Looking for a Caucasian/australian donor who’s ok with AI as the method (container and syringe at home), would rather no contact Read More …