Trish Looking For Donor (Brisbane)

Hi…my husband & I have been trying for a second child for 6 years with no success after 12 IVF attempts. Our doctor suggests that my older husbands age and a prior vasectomy when he was young (with first wife) may be the reason to his low sperm count. Our child was conceived by IVF 7 years ago, but we have been trying naturally for 8 years with no success. I am now 44 and would like to go again, before it is too late. It was by chance I stumbled across this website and admit that I’m not quite sure where to start. My husband is a very tall solid man with dark eyes and in his younger day had dark hair. Our child has light olive skin, yet I’m fair. So would like to meet a donor with similar features. Health wise I am all checked out, have no diseases. Admit am carrying a little weight around the tummy…gained from years on IVF. Dedicated mum, great personality, non smoker & university graduate. Looking to find a healthy donor to help me achieve a pregnancy quickly. Prefer Brisbane donors. Happy to discuss natural & assisted methods.

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  1. Hey Trish, I’m a Brisbane based member of co-parent match. My user name is dangill1. You can check out my profile and then we can make it happen for you.

  2. Hi Trish, I would love to help you, I am a 32 year old male from Brisbane (Scottish & Irish heritage) brown hair, brown eyes 187 cm tall.

    I live on the Southside of Brisbane but commute to the city daily for work. I am a qualified chef and and I am also studying for a bachelors degree.

    I have all my testing up to date and have previously donated sperm for IVF. My sperm has been tested and has excellent morphology and motility.

    I hope to hear from you,

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Daniel,
      Just wondering if you can send me an email i am looking for a sperm donor asap (within the next couple of weeks) . If you could email me that would be amazing thanks

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